Home Chef’s Authentic Food. Latest Trend To Hit The Curry Lane

Home Chef’s Authentic Food… Home Chef’s Abode… Your Culinary Experience

Latest Trend To Hit The Curry Lane

Indian Spices

Indian Food culture is well known for its regional and historical lineage while home cooking is defined by family traditions and rituals. India is an abode to diverse cultural sensibilities; food is quintessentially diverse too. With the world becoming a global village, those in the food business are experiencing a tremendous change.

On one hand, regional food is getting its well-deserved place while on the other, culturally-cult food (Desi-Global) or as we say “Fusion food” is picking up pace too.

Spice of Life

After all ‘Variety is the spice of life’.

One of the days, while wrapping some stories of my travel sojourns, my taste buds started to crave for my mom’s food. I felt restless &helpless. Not that I didn’t know how to cook my native food but there is something about mom’s cooked food which is incomparable and unmatched.

I started searching online for Kashmiri Wazwaan to put my cravings to rest and finally landed at the ‘Authenticook’ website.Yes, Authenticook. You got it right as the name suggests, I initially took it as a restaurant serving various regional authentic cuisines. It was only when I was placing an order for Kashmiri Cuisine, I realised that I will enjoy my native food in the company of a fellow native Home Chef. It took few minutes to understand the entire mechanics of this revolutionary trend in the food business.

The latest to hit the curry lane is the concept of eating local food like locals in the company of ‘Home Chefs’. Isn’t that interesting? The food is prepared traditionally using native spices to offer rich flavours and aroma to provide, undoubtedly, the same old native taste.

Diner at Authenticook

The interesting part is that the diner gets to eat food at the Home chef’s pad, making it a different and overwhelming experience.

Sourcing such authentic food, prepared traditionally just like home is a challenge while ‘Authenticook’ does it all for you and get your authentic meals booked at a click. Easy & Simple!

I booked my meal for the weekend and spoke to their team about how this concept sounded exciting. I expressed my intention to cover them in my next section of yet another foodie story. The team was gracious enough in not only briefing about their business practices but gladly shared few insights & experiences of conducting foodie home sessions in the past 2 years.

Jasleen, Home Chef & Potter

Jasleen: Home Chef & Potter

My Lunch Date was with Home Chef ‘Jasleen’ at her pad in Mumbai. I reached her place half an hour before her guests were arriving. I was served ‘Chaas’ as a welcome drink and the perfect ingredient to beat the heat of Mumbai.

Home Chef Jasleen

Her abode was warm and her daughter actively participating and talking about the food being served was most heart-warming & touching.

Jasleen's meal at AuthenticookThe menu served included:

Welcome Drink: Chaas
Main Course:

  • Vegetarian: Rajma(Kidney Beans)
  • Non Vegetarian: Tabak Maaz, Matz, Rogan Josh, Yakhni
  • Mujh Chutney- Radish & Curd Spread
  • Mixed Pickles

Drinks: Kahwa (Tea)
Deserts: Phirni

After relishing a rich meal and amazing hospitality from the family, I thanked Home Chef Jasleen for her amazing culinary skills and the experience that she brought in while serving. It reminded me of a quote I read somewhere “You don’t need a silver fork to relish good food”. How true is that!

I left her home withamazing revelation that“Food is heavenly”It originates somewhere, some place and from someone. Food always tells a story. Usually a very personal one”.

About Home Chef Jasleen
Home Chef Jasleen was born in Srinagar, Kashmir. Her early childhood was spent in the by lanes of the valley. So much was the influence of food and culture of the valley that she took a sabbatical from her corporate life to turn back to something she loves doing- cooking Kashmiri Cuisine? When I asked her why she opted to be a home chef, she said, “Live reviews, response and the chance to see the expressions- experiences of her guests live, is much more rewarding than reading reviews online or on feedback books. Well that made sense indeed.

About Authenticook:

‘Authenticook’ is team of young entrepreneurs promoting Regional Authentic Cuisines of India by incredibly talented Home Chefs. The team has enrolled a whopping list of about 70 Home Chefs on their panel. The service is available in following cities Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Fort-Kochi, Udaipur, Jaipur, Delhi & Bangalore.

Team of Authenticook Restaurant

From Left To Right:Sai Ghatpande – Chief Pictures Officer, Aneesh Dhairyawan – Co-Founder, Chief Relationship Officer, Priyanka Deshpande – Co-Founder, Chief Creative & Content Officer, Ameya Deshpande – Co-Founder, Head Strategy and Business Development

Gypsyescapade Reviews ‘Authenticook’, Mumbai:

“Recommended for savouring authentic regional cuisines”. Website is user-friendly and smooth to book your meal. Booking orders are flexible for rescheduling and postponing. The selection of Home Chefs by the team is well researched and done over food trials before introducing them as hosts on their platform. The homemadefood served is fresh, hygienic, and warm whilehospitality of home chefs is incredible. Passionate team serving equally passionate experience.

Diners Review:

Home Chefs with Authenticook

Zaika-e-Kashmir, Mumbai (Jasleen’s meal):
“Must try! It’s addictive”. When I went to Srinagar last year, I loved the food so much that I started looking for Kashmiri restaurants in Mumbai. Never thought I would be lucky to enjoy mouth-watering, authentic and hygienic Kashmiri Waazwan in Mumbai. Loved the conversations with fellow foodies. Host is a very warm person with a beautiful house. I would definitely go back. Last but not the least, team Authentic Cook does a great job of coordinating and follow ups. Can’t wait to try more authentic cuisines by home chefs. – Dimple S

If you are good with your forks & knife and know the art of narrating a foodie story, then join the bandwagon of home chefs with Authenticook.

Website: www.authenticook.com
Email: [email protected]

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