Recipe for Chocolate Barfee – Jammu


 Khoya (whole milk thickened also known as Khao)  1 kg
 Sugar  200 gms
 Desi ghee or white butter  150 gms
 Cream  100 ml
 Melon seed  50 gms



Soak Khoya in warm water for half an hour.

Strain the Khoya and put in a heavy bottom steel pan or Kadai.

Process to Make Chocolate Barfee - Jammu

Add sugar and ghee.

Cook on simmering heat till the sugar dissolves and Khoya mixture starts bubbling.

Caramelizing Process of Chocolate Barfi

Keep stirring with a wooden spoon continuously till the sugar starts to caramelize and Khoya starts getting browned.

Add cream and keep stirring till the mixture gets rich dark brown color.

Chocolate Barfi Mixture in a Trey

Remove from heat and keep stirring the mixture for about five to seven minutes.

Sprinkled with the Melon Seeds on Barfi

Pour the mixture in a trey and sprinkle the melon seeds on top and allow to cool and set for about two hours do not refrigerate.

Cut into 3/4inch square pieces and serve

Served Chocolate Barfee From the Kitchen of Chef Umesh Mattoo
Recipe Copyright @ Chef Umesh Mattoo & Gypsyescapade Food & Chefs

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