Do us a Flavour…let’s play Holi!

Food & Flavours are so significant part of our lives that even the tiniest occasion of life is a reason to peep into our Kitchen’s for what’s cooking up. And when it comes to festivals and celebrations they are indeed weighty for foodie souls.

Someone so beautifully said “Food is a taste of Good life!”

 Happy summer is just on set to take off…Uff! Exam too are around the corner, Holi at this time comes as a refresher and mood changer. It is the perfect time and season to celebrate life with food. India is all geared up to welcome summer spirit.

Indian cities are always swarming throughout the year, but nothing beats the pomp & show of the toothsome food during festivals.

I love the local flavours during festivities and do confess it’s sinfully nectarous to soothe any foodie soul.

– saloni kilam rampal

Chef Umesh Mattoo on Eve of Holi

  • Speaking from the heart here’s what Chef Mattoo has to say on eve of Holi!



Alsi Til aur Aate ke Laddu


  Flax Seeds   300 gm
  Alsi Seeds   1.5 cup
  Wheat flour   500 gm (2.5 cups)
  Clarified butter   300 gm (1.5 cups)
  Desi Ghee   –
  Sugar   350 gm (1+3/4th cups)
  Crushed Cashew nuts   150 gm (3/4th cups)
  Crushed Almond   150 gm (3/4th cup)
  Crushed into small pieces   –
  Chopped Raisin   100 gm (1/2 cup)
  Sesame seed   120 gm (1/2 cup+1 tbsp)
  Cardamom powder   02 gm (1/2 tsp)


Process to Make Alsi Til aur Aate ke Laddu


  • In a thick bottom pan, roast the flex seeds on medium heat till the seeds start to crackle for about 3 minutes.
  • Cool and crush them
  • In a thick stainless steel wok or Kadai
  • Dry roast the whole wheat on simmering heat till flour gets grainy and light brown in colour about 10 minutes.
  • Add Desi Ghee and mix well.
  • Cool down the mixture to the room temperature.
  • Add sugar, crushed roasted flex seeds, chopped cashew nuts ,almond, raisin sesame seed and cardamom powder in it  mix properly .
  • Take about 50gms of the prepared mixture and roll it between your palms into round balls.
  • Enjoy and savour the dessert.

 Amla Ki Chutney

                                                                  AMLA KI CHUTNEY

  Indian Gooseberry (Amala) (Fresh cut    into quarters without seed.)   50 gm (1/4th cup)
  Coriander with stems   25 gm (1.5 tbsp)
  Fresh Basil Leaf   10 gm (2 tsp)
  Chopped Onion   50 gm (1/4th cup)
  Chopped Garlic   05 gm (1 tsp)
  Chopped Green chili   05 gm (1 tsp)
  Sugar   05 gm (1 tsp)
  Salt to taste   (1/2 tsp)
  Lemon juice   01 tsp


Ingredients for Amla Ki Chutney


  • In a bowl mix all the ingredients together.
  • Add about 1/4th cup water.
  • Blend to a fine paste in the blender.
  • Simple and ready to use now.

Spice up your sides with this tangy chutney.

 Bang Aur Dal Pakori 

                                                                              Bang Aur Dal Pakori  

  Washed Split white Gram (Urad Dal)   400 gm (2 cups)
  Soaked for two hours
  Mix it up with
  Onion   45 gm (3 tbsp)
  Asafoetida (Heeng)   2.5 gm (1/2 tsp)
  Cumin Seeds   05 gm (1 tsp)
  Bang Leaves   60 gm (4 tbsp)
  Green chili   05 gm (1 tsp)
  Washed & Chopped
  Salt   05 gm (1 tsp)
  Fry it up
  Sesame seeds   05 gm (1 tsp)
  Oil to fry


Ingredients for Bang Aur Dal Pakori 


The Dal

  • Strain the soaked Dal and leave it on the strainer for 10 minutes to drain off the excess water.
  • Grind the Dal to a coarse paste where you can feel the half crushed grains of the dal.
  • Add little water if necessary.

The Mixing

  • In a mixing bowl take the ground dal and beat with your hands for about five minutes to make the dal fluffy.
  • Add rest of the ingredients and mix well.

The Frying

  • Heat oil to a medium hot temperature.
  • Take about 1.5 tea spoons of prepared dal mixture and roll it into round balls between you wet palm. Press in the middle to give the shape of a small doughnuts or vada.
  • Sprinkle with sesame seed and fry till crisp and golden brown in colours.
  • Serve hot with Amala chutney


 Chef Umesh Mattoo

Recipe Courtsey: Chef Umesh Mattoo‘s Kitchen
















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