“SHE IS” – An Initiative In aid of #Mettoo Movement
Mettoo Movement

“SHE IS”; An Art By 20 Contemporary & Visionary Artist In aid of #Mettoo Movement NYC, USA

The women of this millennium generation are more progressive, vocal & have opinions. Opinions that can’t be shunned by virtue of gender in equality.

Prevailing atrocities on women across the globe is a common threat to society today. Women are questioned for roles, sexuality, freedom, safety in some or the other form and the scenario is no different even in urban cities.

Living in constant fear of suppression and depression, women are battling challenges that only will lead to a dis balance of bare existence in the society in long run.

While hope still exists, so do few fraction of women across globe who are adamant to bring a change to this statistics of suppression. Cruising its way up is the “#metoo” movement aiming to voice out the wrongs of the cultures and bring in hope and a transformation in thought process of the community we live in.

I strongly feel that women’s demureness should not be taken as her weakness. Women are raising multi layers of summons to contest their basic right to live like human beings.  The movement is valuable to society in general as it not only opposes sexual oppression, religious beliefs, freedom from castes & ethnic groups but also raising the most important question on women being treated humanely.

She Is - Art by 20 contemporary & visionary female artistsWhile #metoo movement is catching momentum across the world; one such initiative “SHE IS” curated by Marina Dojchinov is scheduled today at 6pm-9pm at One Art Space.

About SHE IS

New York, In wake of the #metoo movement woman everyday have found their feet along with their voice and are creating surge of equality and acceptance regardless of gender constructs.

One Art Space presents the opening reception for SHE is an independent female empowerment art show. The exhibition includes 20 inspiring and visionary woman sharing their struggles, victories, and voices through the mediums of mixed media, photography, sculptures and on canvas.

Live performances and interactive elements will be showcased during the evening from various New York City performers.

Artists Include

Beverly Rosenberg

Jean Chiang

Susan Barron

Stephanie Fuller

Aditi Damle

Eleni Giagkou

Dame Lori Sutherland

Merle Temkin

Asia O’Brien

Debbie Dickinson

Soheir Khashoggi

Echo Shi Volla

Katina Ansen

Elsa Marie Keefe

Kenna Kindig

Katelyn White

Petrina Ryan-Kleid

Adina Andrus

Cleopatra Browne

Miroslava Romonova

Mari Giorgadze

Allison Harrell

*Sponsored By Rockefeller Vodka

Speaking on the occasion Curator Marina says “I am women hear me roar. This mantra has been the backbone and inspiration of this visionary art show which aims to disrupt the confines of a traditional patriarchal society. Our aim, instead is to become a catalyst in empowering women everywhere. Told through the eyes of 20 contemporary artists we are transported through the gallery and into a world where nothing is impossible. Let our voices be as loud as our roars!”

Opening 6:00-9:00pm

Hosted by One Art Space

23 Warren Street

New York, NY

About the Space

One Art Space, a new exhibition space at 23 Warren Street in Tribeca. The 1700 square foot venue is dedicated to the promotion of international contemporary art, celebrating established figures and introducing new artists to enrich the New York art community’s aesthetic diversity.



Hashtag: #oneartspace #sheis #rockfellervodka

 One Art Space

23 Warren Street, TriBeCa, New York, NY, 10016

March 16th 2018

Opening 6pm-9pm


Opinionated by
Saloni Kilam Rampal

For “SHE IS” an event by Marina Dojchinov & One Space
Pre Event Release-www.gypsyescapade.com/cultropedia

16th March 2018



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