Greetings, Namaste, Salaam Walekum, Satsriyakaal, Vanakkam!

Welcome to Gypsy Escapade, my journey into the world of travel and lifestyle.

I am Saloni Kilam Rampal, fondly known as ‘Sal’. A free- spirited, creative writer, travel enthusiast and digital wanderer. Gypsy Escapade is my endeavor to envisage “The cultural world” of destinations, art & lifestyle.

Indian by birth, culturally mixed chick by virtue of my marriage, I take pride in my multi-cultural family background which helps me bond with people from different sections of the society quite comfortably.

A set career in marketing & communications with experience across advertising agencies and MNC set-ups, I transformed from a white-collared corporate employee to a travel blogger. Known for my corporate management and PR skills, being a people’s person always kept me on the edge. My journey has been extremely enriching and satisfying.

Happy with a progressive career that opened my avenues to travel, I experienced a mystical revelation of my buried wanderlust desires. But destiny had a something else in store for me as I shifted base from my home town to Mumbai- the city that never sleeps.

After ages, I was away from the protective environment of parents and in-laws, the unconditional love & support that you get from them. Life is so much easy and relaxed with the extended family around you. But that’s when you also run the risk of getting into a shell, a routine life which binds you to things which restrict your full potential as a person.

Sometimes breaks or movements are essential to give that much required boost to the creative animal in you. My move to a different city gave me just that. A set of new challenges to survive and settle in a new, fast paced city amidst people from different backgrounds & culture. You learn, survive, grow and sail through the trials & tribulations and become a more confident individual. These new experiences made me realize the hidden potential and passion that I had for travel and exploring new avenues, cultures, lifestyles and art.

I wanted to be a free and liberated person. Being Free for me doesn’t mean shirking away from my responsibilities. My role as a wife and mother continued to be priority but my focus & energies to bring out the traveler in me was seeing a different light.

I am fortunate to have a companion who is equally passionate about travel, fashion & lifestyle as I am. My husband realized the hidden fire behind my long corporate speeches and time spent on the lens and pushed me to pursue my passion with more zeal and dedication.

I’m not a nomad or backpacker in the literal sense but my passion to explore travel & adventure in a new perspective is no less. People often travel to break the monotony of life while I derive pleasure from a travel orgasm. I have travelled across Europe, US, Asia Pacific, Australia & Middle Eastern countries and loved every bit of the experience I had in each of these sojourns.

Travel is not all about spending money & exploring the place; it’s using your sensibilities and exploring things with an open mind. Over all these years of travelling, I still feel naked in my experiences as there is a long journey still to be covered and cherished.

Life for me now is not about following a master plan; it’s about exploring and evolving the master plan.

I am mother to a pretty looking little gypsy traveller, a wife to this man who stole my heart and above all I am who I am; liberated, free spirited and still exploring different versions of myself.

So if you too are willing to explore life through my eyes that is indeed real & liberal, then grab your most cosy comfort corner, sip your favorite hot chocolate, forget the world and welcome aboard to my awe experiences & encounters with a journey that is weird & wild only on Gypsy Escapade.

Truly Travelous
Your very own
(Saloni Kilam Rampal)